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Brisbane, Queensland. 



From one soul to another, I recognise your divine spark.  
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Hello I am Kimberly Gardiner & this is my story.

Finding meditation and yoga in 2009 changed my life.  A rough patch filled with stress, ill health and heart break was my catalyst. I suffered through surgery, followed with pneumonia, pleurisy and the death of a family member. All this on top of family and work commitments.  I was at a breaking point...something had to give!

So I put it out to the cosmos, "I need a better way of being healthy" and it wasn't long before I welcomed, first meditation and then yoga, into my life. With regular practise everything just seemed easier, lighter, brighter and 

smoother; it was my miracle pill. That was until, I ruptured a disc in my back and I lay in excruciating pain for a week in hospital. Doctors urged me to undergo surgery but I point blank refused. The risk was too high. I was told to give up yoga and learn to live with the pain.  For me this was not an option.  

"With Yoga and meditation I had  found an ebb and flow to life that was so rich and connected that I just couldn't imagine a nourished-filled life without it"


And I am happy to say that over time, with many tears, an unyielding faith and unmeasurable patience, the journey has lead me here. To a place of having a healthy body, mind and soul. And for that I am so very grateful.

Now my vision is to share this way of being with other women, to see them nourish their souls, find the calm within their lives and create their own ripple effect throughout their families and loved ones. We are all deserving of it!

Your journey starts here

With classes, workshops, retreats and more.

Choose from Yoga Classes or Yoga for anxiety Work Shops


Need a more 1 on 1 one approach, consider a wellness coach. 


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Luxury health retreats in Bali to recalibrate your balance and find peace.  Connect with like minded souls on the same inward journey of self discovery. 


Recipes to tantalise the tastebuds and nourish your body.

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All inclusive short courses to help with stress, nutrition and health.  Mind, body and soul. 


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Yoga for Anxiety e-book.

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This 30 page e-book provide easy to do habits that you can easy incorporate into your everyday life, to help ease your stress and anxiety. 

Designed to break down the isolation of anxiety and give you a sense of empowerment.


A valuable resource that encourages you to play with the techniques and see what works for you. Encouraging you to trust yourself to know the best way to heal yourself.  


It includes:

  • Easy to read information about anxiety & how it can manifest. 

  • An Anxiety Audit - a way to check if you suffer from anxiety.

  • How yoga can help with anxiety.

  • 11 Yoga illustrated poses for anxiety, instructions and their benefits for each pose

  • 3 key breathing techniques which sooth the nervous system and reduce stress.

  • Other strategies to support a calmer way of being, including information about how the mind works, how to support your physical body and a little info about the benefits of essential oils.

  • My story and why I'm so passionate about sharing this journey with others. 

  • Tips for further help or reading.

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"Working in the mental health field, I find important to have access to natural alternatives that are effective rather than just masking symptoms by taking drugs with possible side effects. Kimberley's workshops are not only helping me to fulfill my career goal but also to achieve a more balanced state of being. These are simple, yet powerful tools that can be incorporated into the daily routine. I highly recommend her workshops, you won't be disappointed! 



“In an age of relentless thought and distractions, it's so hard to be fully aware and find stillness.


Being aware without the judgement, being still without the guilt and gently surrendering to ‘what is’ is precisely the path that Kimberley and her Mindfulness Based Stillness Meditation Course have put me on.


Kimberley will gently guide you through your journey, virtually holding your hand and will open the doors of immense possibilities for you and everyone around you…this course will set you on a path where your awareness and mindfulness  (through meditation) will grow, transform and influence all relationships in your life.


I will forever be in Kimberley’s debt for opening my eyes and clearing the path in front of me”

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