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Have you always wanted to ‘do’ yoga but feel a little "less than" or think you’re not flexible enough!! This course is designed to take beginners through the most common poses safely. It is aimed to empower you to know what is right for your body and to feel comfortable in any class in any studio.

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Time is TBD
Inna Essence, 8 Sports Dr, Underwood QLD, 4119, Aust.

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Beginner’s Yoga Course - 

Then this course is for you! If you’ve always wanted to ‘do’ yoga but don’t want to walk into a class and feel you don’t know what you’re doing, or think you’re not flexible enough.  

Let’s face it, walking through the doors of a yoga studio can be daunting if you’ve never practiced before, or are a little rusty!!

This course is designed to take beginners through the most common poses, with safe alignment for your body. It is aimed to empower you to know what is right for your body and to feel comfortable in any class, in any studio.

What’s stopping you:

·  You don’t think you’re flexible enough! - Flexibility comes with time and practice.  No one is their most flexible when they first start out.  Yoga is more about moving with your breath in a safe and aligned way. Yoga creates flexibility and strength. 

·  You’re worried yoga means you’re joining a hippie cult! Nope, sorry! Just plain old fashioned normal people here, trying to find some calm in their busy lives whilst strengthening their bodies.

·  You think you will feel embarrassed if you stumble in a pose.- Maybe!! I know I have looked pretty funny when falling out of poses at times - but in yoga no one cares, we are focused on our own practice. More importantly one of the most amazing things yoga teaches is that it’s not how many times you fall out of a pose, it’s how many times you come back to it. (Hmmm…. life lessons hidden in there hey?)

·  Hated it when you tried it in a heated, sweaty room! - Yes!! Me too!! There are no 40 degree rooms at The Nourished Soul - we allow our bodies to work at their optimal temperatures, within their natural limitations. After all, limitations are in place to work with, not bust a ligament through.

What you can expect:

·  A welcoming and friendly atmosphere

·  Weekly worksheet notes that break down the postures covered in that week. Including key cues and safety tips

·  Information about Yoga Etiquette - what to do, not to do etc… in a studio and how to enhance yours and other’s experiences while there

·  Practice! A few postures each week - integrating your body with each posture for maximum safety and benefit. (Accommodating for prior injuries! I have had an ankle reconstruction and ruptured discs in my back. It’s about making yoga right for your body, not ruining your body for yoga).

·  A little history of yoga - but nothing too strenuous!

·  Little weekly flows using taught postures, leading to a full practice towards the end of the course.

What you will need:

·  A curious mind and open heart

·  A mat (or you can hire one for $2)

·  A water bottle if you’d like

·  Comfy clothes that allow you to move without worrying about an overshare!! Lol!!

The Beginner’s Course Weekly Overview:

Week 1

Yoga Etiquette, Primary Foundation, Breath & Standing Poses

Week 2

Standing Poses cont’d & Namaskars

Week 3

Forward Bends & Full Surya Namaskar

Week 4

Hip & Back Openers

Week 5

Twists & Meditation

Bonus Week

A class to put it all together. 

If you’re still not sure if this course is right for you or you’d like a little more information, check out the FAQs below to see if any of your questions can be answered. 

If your question isn’t answered there then you can email us on kim@thenourishedsoul.com.au with the subject: Beginners Course, or  call Kimberley on 0408 736401 to chat about it.

We understand that sometimes life or illness can get in the way, so we allow one make up class per course. All courses are non-refundable nor transferable to different dates.

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