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Brisbane, Queensland. 

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Intro to Nutrition

You may have heard people say "keep it simple", well my approach to nutrition, in a nutshell, is "keep it clean & simple".  If you simply change from processed food to clean food, you will feel the benefits almost immediately.  A simple clean diet will improve your energy levels, health and life in general.

When it comes to cooking I like my recipes yummy, easy to follow  and  full of nutrient dense, natural,  whole-foods.  My recipes will consist of both vegetarian and meat ingredients (meat is never the major portion)  and they will usually have lots of different coloured salads & vegetables. In addition I also try to "cook once but eat twice". In other words try cook in batches to save time and effort; make enough to eat for lunch or dinner the next day too; because who wants to live in the kitchen! 


Through my training as an IIN Health Coach and an Ayurvedic Health Coach,  I learnt that the key to great nutrition is listening to YOUR body and feeding it what it needs in the season/place/time you are in. It’s very natural, easy and all the information you need is with YOU at any given moment.


Don’t get me wrong, I also studied the "science" of food and the effect on the human body, mind and spirit however what I’ve found is that most of my clients care more about attaining tangible easy recipes that are nutritious and taste good. The general consensus has been that it doesn't matter how healthy it is, if it tastes like carpet – no one’s eating it! Plus, if you can’t get your kids to eat it, game over!


So while I may take elements of many diets it's about finding the right food and recipes for your body, schedule and family.  This approach frees me of being a slave to any particular way of eating. It means I listen to my body, become more in tune with what it needs, and I respond.



Nutritious Recipes