QUOTE - Whatever you're not changing you're choosing.  ….. read that again. Keeli Martinez

This quote is a doozy! Such a simple concept, yet it packs the powerful truth. 

The truth that nearly everything in your life a choice. Even not choosing to do anything differently, is STILL a choice. This really hit me hard! That moment of realisation where I so desperately wanted to counter argue it and the more I thought about it, the more I was coming up with points to support this notion! Dang it!!

 To think that by not dealing with things, not addressing or having that awkward conversation, putting things off…. IS at its very essence, choosing to keep your current experience and reality – as it is!! 

I like to dress it up as being ‘adult’ about things, thinking things through (and don’t get me wrong here I’m in no way advocating rash decisions or adopting tossing a coin and committing to the outcome – some things really do need full and detailed consideration). 

What I’m talking about is that dialogue you may hear yourself repeat. Such as, ‘I don’t have time’ (we have the same amount of time – how are we prioritising our use of it?)  or, I just don’t have the self-control (cause let’s face it, wine and cheese that brings on a sweet little buzz or a brisk walk that seems like an uncomfortable effort??? Um…. Did I just hear the champagne cork pop??  Are you with me on this one???)  Then the nasty truth of being a day further away from your ideal dream weight, fitness or energy level starts to make it seem like a pipe dream worth lingering over yet another glass of bubbly!! Eek, get me out of this cycle!!!

So how do we get off this cray cray merry-go-round of a life we feel needs a bit of a re-vamp, de-cluttering or a complete 180 degree turn around???

One little choice at a time!! Where you change one thing, in the very moment it presents itself to you – and you choose again!!! And if you don’t like the outcome, no sweat, choose again and again and again. No failures, even though it’s going to feel like there will be a few. In fact, it will most likely feel awful, uncomfortable, disruptive even. It may take every ounce of your courage and effort to just make a different choice, a change of mind where the realisation that YOU living your best life is staring you right in the face – begging you, daring you to choose it.  

So choose or don’t, it’s your choice either way! But we dare you to, just spy for a moment (even if you don’t act upon it yet) a different choice and the outcome it has waiting for you.

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