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A complicated name for self-massage using a warm oil that is specifically supportive for your dosha type. Different oils work better for certain dosha types. For me, I always wondered why the trend of using coconut oil felt like rubbing diluted Vaseline all over - it did nothing but sit on the surface of my skin. Whereas untoasted black sesame oil sinks in, is super hydrating, makes my skin soft and plump!!

You can practice it in the morning or at night, just choose which time supports your lifestyle and well-being best. Just be sure if you practice in the morning to be careful of the slipperiness underfoot - or at night place socks on to retain the moisture and keep the sheets clean.

Some of the benefits of practicing Abhyanga are:

· Increases circulation, especially on nerve endings

· Enhances detoxification by moving the lymphatic system

· Softens the skin - hydrating the body from within

· Tones the muscles

· Calms the nervous system,

· Releases fatigue and aids

· sleep

· Improves elimination


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