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Glowing Green Smoothie

This is the most powerful daily drink.

It supplies a good hit of cleansing fibre too.


1. 250ml of coconut water

2. 150ml of water kefir (or a little extra coconut water)

3. 2 medium kale leaves (de-stemmed)

4. 2 cos medium cos lettuce leaves (don’t use a different lettuce)

5. ½ stick of celery

6. 1 pear (de-seeded)

7. 1 banana

8. Juice of half a lemon (or more to taste)


· Place all ingredients into your Thermomix and blend at speed 9 for at least 1 minute – or until everything is smooth.

· You don’t want any chunks of fibre, as you need the cell walls of the kale etc.. broken down to receive the full benefits of them.

· Freeze into portions if you wish- defrosting in the fridge overnight.

Note: I encourage you to mix and match your greens and fruit. Vary this recipe with spinach, mint, coriander, and green apples. Just avoid melons, as they digest better on their own.

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