Stoke the Fire

No matter how much we modernise our lives, our bodies still reflect the cycles of nature, whether it be the cycle of the day, season or life overall.

Our health relies heavily on our digestion, and in Ayurveda our digestive fire is called Agni (for more about Agni see this post). This internal fire has similar qualities of fire and just as the sun is the strongest in the middle of the day, so too is our digestive fire (see Ayurvedic Clock for more information).

But this fire can be easily ‘put out’ or dampened. Our modern thirst for smoothies and cold drinks and raw food (although tasty and nutritious) can dull our internal fire. Think of it like throwing cold water over a fire. It may not put it completely out, but it sure makes that crisp, hot flame struggle - it’s the same for our bellies. Now, there’s no need to give these nourishing foods up but by being aware to balance out the internal heat and incorporate simple practices to kindle that internal flame nicely throughout the day, we can enjoy a strong digestive fire. Here’s my go-to way of kindling that flame!

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