Water Kefir

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

First Ferment

Dissolve ¼ cup white sugar (CSR or organic raw) in a little bit of boiling water and let cool.

Add 500 mls of Evian (or mineral rich water – I use the 10L Woolies Select Mountain Spring Water) **never use charcoal filtered water, it will kill the grains.**

Add ¼ cup kefir grains

Add one slice of lemon, cover with cloth and rubber band and loosely close lid.

Sit on bench (out of direct sunlight or if a bright kitchen, in the pantry) for 24 hours.

Every now and then you can add 1 dried organic fig to the 1st ferment.

It helps with keeping the grains very healthy.

Second Ferment

Strain kefir water through a plastic sieve. (metal will kill the grains)

Pour kefir water into a glass jar/bottle.

Add juice of ½ lemon to kefir water and seal tightly.

Flavour with either: 2 raspberries/ 2 red grapes halved/ passionfruit pulp/ 2 sticks of ginger or experiment to find a flavour you love.

Place in dark cupboard for 24 hours, then refrigerate and drink.

Repeat first ferment instructions with strained kefir grains.

NOTE: Over time your grains will grow and multiply. This is normal, you may either increase the amount of water you make using the above as a ratio guide; or you may split your grains and share with someone you care about.


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