What are DOSHAS ?

We cannot see the Doshas, but we CAN see the effects they have on our body and mind. There are 3 main doshas are made up of groups from the GUNAS.

Each person has a combination of these doshas which makes up our mindy-body constitution, (our wiring so to speak) which is determined at conception and never changes, and the goal is to work with our unique dosha combination and keep it in balance for optimum health and happiness. Think of it like our unique fingerprint.

Our unique doshic constitution reveals as much about our physical, mental and emotional individuality and affords us the ability to understand what can tolerate and cannot tolerate – and how to go about bringing in balance.

The following pages are an overview of each Dosha. These overviews provide a snapshot of the qualities that are predominant in each doshic constitution and regulate and sustain not only one’s body but their emotions and mental clarity as well.

I’m sure as you read through them, you will identify with many – or have an ‘aha!’ moment or two. In fact, it’s liberating to realise these are qualities within yourself that you no longer have to fight or try to ‘get rid’ of. They make ‘you’ who you are! But now, you can be armed with knowing how to pacify or lift these qualities when you need less or more of them – giving you back a natural control and harmonious balance.

Each dosha responds differently to specifics foods, thoughts and lifestyle choices and can either aggravate or pacify the doshas, therefore throwing balance off or reinstating it.

Simply put, combining more of the same in a given dosha brings about an increase/aggravation, whereas combining the opposite/dissimilar brings about a decrease/pacification.

If you’d like to know more about your specific dosha …. Take the quiz…. Or enquiry about Kimberley’s 8 Week Coaching Course for Balance Reset

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